How to add a product

I will actually set up your first product for each product type (e.g. homeware, card, accessories and personalised), however as a lot of your products will be very similar I'd recommend duplicating the products I set up instead of going through the full upload process below. Visit Add new product by duplicating for a step by step guide on how to do this.

Either way it'll be really useful to read through each of these steps below so you can understand just how it all works and so you can add a product from scratch.

Step 1 - Select the product type

When adding a new product, select Physical.

select physical.jpg

Step 2 - Edit the product information

Use the NameImage, and Description fields to add information for your product.

edit product info.jpg

Click the Upload images arrow in the image field or drag and drop images from a folder on your computer to add images for the product. You can add multiple images.

Step 3 - Add tags and categories

Use Tags + and Categories + to organise your products with tags and categories.


Categories are used to show the basic sub sections of your product types and are what powers the filters at the top of each product list page. For example the homeware product list has 2 categories; Candles and Mugs (see below). Be sparing with these as otherwise there are too many options and users will struggle to choose the right one when they visit a product list.



Tags are used to show the relevant products on pages like the occasion page and collections page as well as the 'you may also like' block on product pages. Each product can have multiple tags but I would limit them to those that you feature on the occasion and collection pages.

Current tags include;

Occassions - Birthday, New baby, Wedding, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc

Collections - Marble, Alphabet, Faux leather

A couple of other things to note:

  • Tags must be 80 characters or fewer.
  • Categories must be 25 characters or fewer.
  • Tags and categories are case-sensitive. For example, entering Applesapples, and APPLES creates three tags or categories.
  • Tags and categories appear in alphabetical order.

Step 4 - Edit pricing and variants

Click the Pricing & Variants tab to define attributes for your product.

  • SKU - This is the inventory identifier for your product. Squarespace creates one automatically, but you can change it to a SKU that matches your inventory scheme. SKUs must be 20 characters or fewer. A single product can have up to 100 SKUs using variants.
  • Pricing - Set the price customers will pay for the product with additional options for sale pricing.
  • Stock - The number of units available with an option to set an Unlimited stock value.
  • Weight - Set the Shipping weight for each item. 
  • Dimensions - Set the Shipping dimensions for each item.

Weight & Dimensions

Unless you want to set a flat rate of postage I'd recommend setting weight and dimensions for a product to help work out your delivery costs automatically. We'll have worked out your shipping rates separately to this but if you'd like to learn more, visit Setting up shipping rates.


Variants are used to create additional options for a product, like different colours, sizes, or designs. One product can have up to 100 variants. For help with this, visit Adding basic product variants over on the Squarespace help section.


This is where we can add additional info on your product page: a longer description, videos, or other content. For you in particular this has been used to have a 'You may also like section' and delivery information.

You may also like section

To add this section, select the '+' button in the bottom right

additional info.png

Select the 'carousel in the 'summary' section


On the content tab, select the relevant product type (e.g. cards) in the product section to display the correct products in the 'You may also like' section

additional info -summary-contnet.png

On the layout tab, change the content to the below

  • HEADER TEXT - You may also like
  • ASPECT RATIO - 1:1 Square
  • TEXT SIZE - Small
summary layout.png

On the display tab, change the content to the below

  • Select the tick boxes as shown below
  • If you want to show a specific category or tag of products that are relevant e.g. on a candle product page you may only want to show other candles, if so select 'candle' in the category filter and it will only show candles.
summary display.png
summary display category.png

Delivery section

To add this section, select the '+' button in the bottom right


Select the 'carousel in the 'summary' section

text block.png

Type in the text box 'Delivery' and change the text to 'Heading 2'


Press return (to move to a new line) and then add in the below information

  • All orders sent via Royal Mail
  • Order dispatched same day (Mon-Fri) or next working day
  • UK orders will arrive 3–5 working days later
  • Orders outside of the UK will vary according to Royal Mail postage times

Step 6 - OPTIONS

Select the options tab and ensure the thumbnail is the correct image (as this will be the image shown on the product lists) and that the product url is your product title (i.e. doesn't have any random letters and numbers)

Step 7 - Save

Click Save & Publish to publish the product to your Products Page. This sets the product as available for purchase.

Note: If you're adding a product that isn't available for purchase yet, click Save (but not Save & Publish) to keep the product Hidden until you're ready to list it. For more information, visit Scheduling products.